1917 Little River Baptist Association Minutes ~ Obits

3rd Annual Meeting of Little River Baptist Association

Minutes of the Third Annual Meeting of the Little River Baptist Association at Ashdown, Arkansas on October 12,13 and 14, 1917

Page 16-17
Report on Obituaries:
We your committee on Obituaries report. From the reading of the letters of the church that ten brethren and sisters have been called from time to eternity, to wit:
Sisters & Brothers: Robert Brown, Mary Bill Webb, J.B. Jones, Ben Boyd, Rena Gordon, R.J. Bettis (Deacon), J.T. Holt, J.T. Cowling, H.L. Majors and R.H. Parker.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies and prayers in the bereaved. Knowing God's ways and dealings with his children are just and right. We all bow in humble Submission to his will.

Committee: J.C. Powers, J.H. Barkman, and Charles H. Parks.

LRCGS, 2007

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  1. This is a heartbreaking post. So many families had to bow in humble submission to things which can now be healed quickly. Thank you for your visit to my blog.